Why M0vit for Business Account?

With M0vit, small business owners can be assured of providing quality delivery solutions to their customers without losing focus from their company’s bottom line.   Whether you’re looking for a regular delivery partner or an occasional supplement to your existing fleet, just leave it to us.

Close More Sales

Delivery is now a key business differentiator.   If you can’t offer flexible, low-cost delivery at the point of sale, customers will find someone who can.

Expand Your Reach

Expand your delivery radius and extend order cut-off times with same-day delivery options that work for you and your customers.

Deliver a Personal Touch

Personalized door-to-door delivery.   No bouncing from truck to truck or extra hands moving your items.

Save Time

M0vit can take care of your local delivery needs, freeing up you and your team to build customer relationships and move more inventory.

Protect Margins

We offer clear, predictable and upfront pricing.   No surprise fees based on zip codes or fuel charges.   No upcharges for nights, weekends or holidays.

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Point-to-point delivery with pre-screened, verified drivers and live tracking of your items.

Moving Trucks​

Moving trucks offer just the right amount of space to help you pack up and get moving!   Unlike a typical moving company, M0vit Partners with trucks can choose which jobs they want, and travel locally or out of town!   Moving trucks are spacious enough to handle all your home appliances, furniture, mattresses and up to 11,000 lbs of cargo (vehicle not included).  Use the M0vit app too select a local Partner and start your next moving adventure!

Cargo Vans

For smaller jobs, a fleet of cargo vans is the ticket to quick deliveries around town.   Capable of both medium and large item delivery, cargo vans are the perfect urban solution to helping out small businesses, individual residents or families to securely get their items from point A to B.   

Mini Vans

Not everyone has as much space as a minivan in their personal vehicle.   If you need help picking up items from an online marketplace transaction or want their new patio furniture delivered the same day, a M0vit minivan is the solution!   Unlike sedans or trucks, minivans offer enough space to handle large shopping hauls, flat-packed furniture and other large household goods.


Like minivans, SUV’s are a perfect choice for long items, multiple boxes or heavy item delivery.   Select an SUV to deliver new coffee tables from retail stores, outdoor plants from the local nursery or even home appliances like washers and dryers.   When you need a M0vit Partner to make life easier and handle large deliveries, simply use the app and select a M0vit SUV that's near you.

Courier Cars

Though most cars can’t handle large item delivery, they’re the perfect solution for small courier jobs.   Individual users and businesses can take advantage of instant delivery services to meet their busy schedules.   Because courier sedans excel at fast and simple jobs, you can even arrange multiple pickups and drop offs daily, freeing you up for other things.   Our courier partners can go to the most popular local stores, like The Home Depot, Walmart or Target.   

Trucks With Trailers

Need a truck and trailer to help you with a big hauling job?  Find a local M0vit Partner to help you with gravel delivery or even local moving.  For big projects and heavy merchandise, a truck and trailer will make your life and moving experience much better.   For larger items, trucks with trailers can handle just about any job with ease.   Users can choose a local truck and trailer for outdoor renovation projects, or even when they need more space to pack up for moving day. 

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