On- Demand Location-Based Pickup & Delivery Platform.

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On Demand Vehicle Options
  • M0vit Sadan
  • M0vit Mini Van
  • M0vit Suv
  • M0vit Pickup truck
  • M0vit Cargo Van
  • M0vit Moving 16ft Box truck
Calculate Price :
Maximum Weight
up to 150 ( lbs )
Size ( L x W x H )
40 inc x 38 inc x 20 (Average)
Calculate Price :
Weight :
up to 450 ( lbs )
Size ( L x W x H )
62 inc x 40 inc x 27 inc (Average)
Calculate Price :
Weight :
up to 400 ( lbs )
Size ( L x W x H )
59 inc x 38 inc x 26 (Average)
Calculate Price :
Weight :
up to 2000 ( lbs )
Size ( L x W x H )
65 inc x 64 inc x 72 inc (Average)
Calculate Price :
Weight :
up to 2000 ( lbs )
Size ( L x W x H )
95 inc x 48 inc x 48 (Average)
Calculate Price :
Weight :
4500 ( lbs ) 2.25tons
Size ( L x W x H )
16ft x 7ft x 8ft (Average)
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The M0vit User

M0vit anywhere, anytime

Looking for a way to help your community?  Becoming a M0vit  Partner allows you to help those in need and make extra money in your spare time. Whether you drive a car, truck or van, you can assist your neighbors by offering instant pickup, delivery and moving services.   With M0vit, partners choose all their jobs and never drive more than they want.   Our Partners arrive promptly for local pickup needs and deliver items in minutes!

Make Your Move Low Cost

M0vit is designed for everyone.   For example, if you purchase an item at Target for in-store pickup, our partners can pick it up and deliver it to you.   Need hotshot delivery for your products?   Our partners will be there promptly.   We understand that not everyone has a vehicle big enough to carry large items, so our service fills these gaps.   Users can specify in our app what type of vehicle they need.   Whether you have limited space in your car, or need a truck and trailer for hauling, M0vit can get your items on the move.   Users will benefit from our wide range of vehicles, cheap prices and efficient technology.

Be a Fleet Owner Or Driver & Earn Free Load Board - Find Thousands Of Available delivery Loads

Uplift Your Business to Explore New Ways of Success with M0vit  Partnership.

  • Do Away With Dispatch and Accept More Business
  • Strong Digital Marketing Strategies to Capture the Market
  • We Cover all Marketing Mediums to Get Maximum Outcome
  • Hassle Free Account Management by Digital Fleet Dashboard
  • Real-time Monitoring and Tracking for All Drivers at One Place
  • We Save Your Time from Delays to Pick a Job and Quick Payments
  • The Communication Process is Super Smart and Easy
  • Prompt Payment Service with Different Profit Rooms
  • All Owner-Operator Facilities for All Your Drivers at Your Direction
  • We Use Advance Technology to Overcome Downtime
  • Business Insights and Complete Reporting to Analyse Growth Rate
  • Full Control to Assign Jobs and Disable Drivers
  • Improved Revenue by Reducing Running Expenses

Business Portal

With M0vit,  business owners and managers can be assured of providing value for their money with our delivery solutions for their customers, without losing focus from their company’s bottom line.   Whether you’re looking for a regular delivery partner or an occasional supplement to your existing fleet, just leave it to us.

Close More Sales

Expand Your Reach

Deliver a Personal Touch

Save Time

Protect Margins

Enjoy Peace of Mind

Enterprise APIs

M0vit makes it easier for enterprises to launch prompt and scale same-day delivery to reach their customers anytime, anywhere. With the nation’s most flexible and scalable delivery solution.

Omnichannel Integration

Rush, Same-day or Scheduled Deliveries

Local, Regional and National Reach

Flexible Size & Distance Capabilities

Real-time Visibility

API Integration

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